Solution Partner Program

Become the PIM techonology partner your clients rely on to succeed in the world of digital commerce. With Bluestone PIM’s API-first approach and microservice architecture, the opportunities for growth are endless.


Technology You Can Trust

Bluestone PIM is certified by the MACH Alliance, which advocates for an open and best-of-breed enterprise technology ecosystem that is Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS an d Headless. If you’re looking for a PIM platform that integrates seamlessly within a modern eCommerce stack, look no further than Bluestone PIM.


Our Partners

With our partners — consulting firms, integrators, and software companies — we deliver the new quality of customer experience. Join our growing Solution Partner Program and let’s bring powerful PIM solutions to businesses around the world.

"Bluestone is our trusted partner for Product Information Management Saas solutions, and we are doing multiple projects in collaboration with them."

Jostein Aksnes
CEO Director at 7 Peaks Software

"Bluestone has a modern, easy-to-use and feature rich PIM solution, and delivers excellent support for its partners."

Vegar Kristensen
Senior Consultant at Egde Consulting AS

Why partner with Bluestone PIM?

  • We always get interesting leads from inbound marketing and we're looking forward to sharing them with you.
  • Need a partner to co-host events and cross-promote content with? Let’s team up and capture those SQLs!
  • If you work with B2B and B2C companies that are focused on digital sales, chances are they need a PIM platform. A perfect opportunity for cross-selling!
  • We're here to help you win cases by participating in calls, running demos, and answering any questions.
  • We will showcase you as a partner on our website and in marketing materials.
  • We can also feature your company on our blog, and we're always happy to share each other's content on social channels!
  • We are constantly producing marketing tools and materials to help our partners.
  • This includes resources like Price Quote Generator, Webinars, Marketing Materials, Case Studies, Partner Desk, Online Training, Newsletters, Release Notes and more.
  • Our Partner Service Desk will help you with any technical issues.
  • Our APIs are very intuitive for developers, so the need for training is minimal. Yes, Bluestone PIM gets a lot of "tech love" from its customers and partners!
  • If you create an app that enhances the capabilities of Bluestone PIM, let us know so we can talk about having it showcased in our Marketplace.
  • The Marketplace hosts dozens of apps that help our users increase sales, add more personalization and connect to new sales channels.

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