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Scale with SaaS

Scale with SaaS

Take advantage of the latest PIM technology delivered natively in the cloud.

  • In contrast to on-premise delivery, there is no expensive setup or configuration, and software upgrades are available instantly.
  • You can access your product information anytime, anywhere.
  • Bluestone PIM scales together with your business.
Connect everything

Connect everything

PIM is only half of success. The real success comes from playing well with other systems.

  • Bluestone PIM has a modern API-centered architecture
  • It integrates efficiently with any sales channel, both existing and future, as well as supplier portals, ERP, and other internal systems, to create a synergy of data.
  • Bluestone PIM allows you to explore every opportunity, because you never know where the next golden goose will be.
Flexible data model

Flexible data model

Your true and tested data structure is the core of your business, and we respect that.

  • That's why Bluestone PIM is not meant to turn everything upside down. It adapts to your goals, the nature of your market and your products.
  • You get to keep what works, for example, your catalog structure — you just make it centralized, consistent, and simply better.

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