Bluestone PIM is a solution for Product Information Management that can help you get rid of product content chaos and ensure you have the same product content in all sales channels. 

Getting the sale depends on displaying correct and up-to date product information in the multiple sales channels where customers meet your products, both digitally and physically. Maintaining all the necessary information about a growing number of products can be overwhelming without a solid PIM software. Our scalable, flexible and API-driven solution Bluestone PIM will help you have the most up-to-date product information available in all your channels

We provide ready-made integrations with the most popular e-commerce solutions like Magento, and with our unique API and interactive documentation, you (or a developer near you) can connect any other channel system to the cloud-based Bluestone PIM system in a matter of hours.

We know that gathering and maintaining excellent product information can be a pain, but with our truly collaborative user experience, Bluestone PIM cures the pain and ensures you and your colleagues use your time efficiently.

The team behind Bluestone has more than twenty years of experience in Product Information and Ecommerce, and we have developed Bluestone to offer a scalable and affordable solution for Product Information Management and promise easier integration with existing IT infrastructure.