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The Leading
Composable PIM

Unlock unparalleled efficiency with an enterprise-grade PIM solution to help you seamlessly centralize product information, ensuring accuracy and consistency across all channels to accelerate your sales.


Drive Growth Through Enriched Product Data

Faster time-to-market
Improved product data quality
Customer experience optimisation

Empower your enterprise for business success with our platform, enabling you to master both product data management and composable commerce

Our PIM solution ensures that every piece of product information is not just managed but harmonized across all channels. Say goodbye to inconsistencies, errors, and delays, as our platform synchronizes your data ecosystem, fostering a unified and impeccable brand representation
Gain a competitive edge with our PIM solution's agility, streamlining your product workflows. Adapt swiftly to market demands, launch products effortlessly, and stay steps ahead of the competition. With the in-built AI features,  discover the future-proof solution that aligns with your enterprise's growth and innovation
MACH is the perfect blend of IT architecture for enterprises aiming to liberate themselves from vendor lock-ins, ensuring unrestricted handling of product information. Build your ecommerce data hub once and enable your businesses to confidently navigate the dynamic tech landscape

Designed For Teams

Business Strategy

Stay ahead of competition with a reliable provider of PIM technology

Ecommerce and Marketing

Delight your customers with engaging content across channels

IT & Data Governance

Connect product information through REST API endpoints

Discover Why Global Retailers
Love Bluestone PIM

“The flow from the start of the product to the end product is easier and faster. We provide better quality products to our customers. With Bluestone PIM, we can easily integrate with other platforms and now we work better between different parts of the organization to provide better quality data.”

Thomas Fehn

Thomas Fehn,

Chief Digital Information Officer at St. Gobain Distribution Norway

“After having evaluated over 40 different suppliers we believe that Bluestone PIM... is the one most capable of providing the flexibility needed for our product data and business requirements.”

Viktor Lövgren

Viktor Lövgren,

IT Project Manager at Starboard

“Isola selected Bluestone PIM due to its functionality, platform flexibility, and a rich portfolio of additional Apps that makes it easy to expand our solution on demand.”

Christine Øvrum Halvorsen

Christine Øvrum Halvorsen,

Web Editor at Isola

"Bluestone PIM: User-Friendly And Cost-Effective! The system has met our needs and we are satisfied with the service and support provided by Bluestone PIM. We would recommend it to other businesses looking for a reliable and efficient Product Information Management solution."


Construction Industry

IT Manager

"Great Solution For Delivering Product Information In Multiple Channels. Ease of use for the user. Developer accessibility and ease of use of the API endpoints to plug into other apps and deliver experiences."


Manufacturing Industry

Head of IT and ecommerce

"A Fantastic Tool That Is Scalable, Affordable And Fits Well Into The Market. This is a fantastic scalable tool that fits our services well. Scalability, flexibility and they take responsibility in the industry."


Transportation Industry

Digital Marketing Manager

Recognized By Industry Leaders

mach 1

MACH Alliance

We became a certified member of the MACH Alliance, a group of independent companies that advocate for open, best-of-breed technology ecosystems

gartner 1


Bluestone PIM was listed in Gartner’s “Market Guide for PIM Solutions” (2022) and in the report “What Data and Analytics Leaders Need to Know About Composable PIM” (2023) among the key players

ventana 1

Ventana Research

We received recognition as a “Vendor of Assurance” from Ventana Research in 2023. Bluestone PIM was esteemed as a platform to be particularly effective in elevating customer experience in a digital sales setting

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How Wilhelmsen uses PIM to manage a global portfolio of products

‘We implemented Bluestone PIM for its scalability, connectivity features, and tools for effective collaboration.’

Li Minting, Product data manager for marine products

How Isola improved digital businesses processes with PIM

‘We selected Bluestone PIM for its functionality, platform flexibility, and a rich portfolio of Apps that make it easy to expand our solution on demand.’

Christine Øvrum Halvorsen, Web editor

How Neumann unlocked digital business growth with the PIM system

‘Bluestone PIM has proven to be a solid partner and enabled us to increase our digital business volume dramatically.’

Joakim Solem, E-commerce Manager









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