New and Improved: Bluestone Launches Seamless Integration with Magento 2

Bluestone PIM has released the latest update to its Magento extension, unlocking the next level of integration between a PIM platform and an eCommerce storefront. The new and improved extension enables

seamless and automated sync of product information

to Magento 2.3 stores. Without the need for manual input, users can sync products, images, catalogs, video links, product relations, and attributes and enrich product pages efficiently with the assistance of time-saving features built into the PIM platform.

The app allows webshop administrators to easily define matching fields between Bluestone PIM and Magento, and access product sync history to keep track of changes.

Bluestone PIM Magento integration, with the main business logic and functional layer handled by PIM and content presentation handled by Magento, creates space for powerful data processing and rich and relevant product experiences planned down to the last detail.

PIM users can fully utilize the power of a PIM platform combined with the capabilities of a Magento storefront. Advanced digital asset management, ample product relations for every purpose, powerful data modeling and validation, and AI-powered content enrichment, all contribute to creating highly usable product content for a Magento store and beyond.

About Bluestone

Bluestone is a rapidly growing tech company with a global presence, specializing in providing state-of-the-art SaaS software for PIM that empowers retailers to create excellent customer experiences. The company has a hard-working team with offices in Palo Alto (USA), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Gdansk (Poland), Bangkok (Thailand), and Tønsberg (Norway). For more information, visit

Contact for media:


Einar Augedal, CEO

Phone: +47 97 14 54 96