Sync & distribute data fast to all channels


With data syndication, you can automatically tailor your product data to meet the format requirements of any channel, and publish optimized and accurate content anywhere you need from one platform.

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Finally, all your product content in one place

  Gather, enrich, contextualize and manage product data in PIM

Import and map data faster with the help of AI and templates

Use internal DAM to centrally manage digital assets

Finally, all your sales channels connected

  Experience limitless connectivity options thanks to over 500 APIs and a suite of integration apps

✔  Reach your customers with channel-tailored, up-to-date and relevant product content

Benefits for everyone

✔  Your team — can be more productive when you eliminate superfluous work

  Your customers — get timely product content whatever the touchpoint

✔  Your business — saves costs, speeds up time-to-market, brings revenue faster

Unleash the sales power of your product data across systems and channels

 Don’t lose any sales opportunities. Make product data your competitive advantage. 

#1 success factor

Data accuracy was rated the number one success factor for multichannel marketing campaigns

Source: PFL and Demand Metric “The 2020 State of Multichannel Marketing Report”

Over 7 out of 10

73% of shoppers are omnichannel savvy – they use multiple channels during their shopping journey. 


Over 229% increase

Providing more accurate, complete, and consistent product information can increase conversion rates from 17% to 56%.


You face a challenge

Product data was never meant to lie dormant. What would be the point of investing so much time and effort in collecting it if you could not make it available to your customers and business partners?  And preferably syndicate your product data in as many places as possible so you do not miss sales opportunities.

The challenge is that today’s customers interact with your brand across multiple touchpoints, and managing so many channels, systems and platforms simultaneously is a complex task. You need to update data in multiple places using different interfaces and perform repetitive, tedious work. Often, content must also be enriched and localized for languages, units of measure, currencies, and product variants. 

As if that were not enough, technology is changing rapidly and new sales channels and platforms can emerge faster than many systems can handle.

There is a solution 

The good news is that with Bluestone PIM MACH architecture, you can overcome all of those business challenges

On the one hand, with PIM you can bring all product content together and create a single source of truth. On the other hand, with over 500 APIs and ready-to-use apps, you can connect your product content to all sales channels, including those that will appear in the future

And the best part? You’ll be able to feed and sync your PIM data in a smooth and automated way to orchestrate complete, timely, and relevant product experiences. 

Finally, your customers will be able to interact with your products through the touchpoints of their choice. This not only saves you operational costs, but also helps you achieve higher conversion rates, happier, more loyal customers, and more revenue

Get unlimited product data syndication capabilities with Bluestone PIM APIs

  Customize how product data is distributed to fit your marketing strategy without compromises. 

  API-first PIM to feed data anywhere you need

With Bluestone PIM’s API-first architecture, you get a system fully designed to maximize connectivity between other systems, platforms, sales channels, POS, and more.

APIs, which stand for Application Programming Interfaces, allows systems to ”talk” to each other in a standardized way. Whether you use a popular commerce system like Magento or a headless CMS like Contentful - or a custom solution, Bluestone PIM APIs are able to communicate.

  Over 500 APIs are available for you

Everything you do with product content through the Bluestone PIM user interface can also be done purely through APIs. Having such a large number of APIs gives you the freedom and flexibility to customize the data feed to the specific needs of different channels. Finally, you are able to create optimized, contextual product experiences for customers across channels. 

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Precise and easy-to-understand API documentation

Your team can be more productive when they have well-written documentation to help them understand the system inside and out and bring your projects to completion smoothly. The documentation of Bluestone PIM APIs in Swagger is always accessible at 

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  You are always upgraded

Bluestone PIM is a SaaS software provided for you in the cloud. That's why it's always up to date, without additional costs or the need to involve your IT team.


Precise and easy to understand the API documentation

Your team can be more productive when they have well-written documentation to help them understand the system inside and out and bring your projects to completion smoothly. Documentation of Bluestone PIM APIs in Swagger is always accessible at


  You are always upgraded

Bluestone PIM is a SaaS software provided for you in the cloud. That's why it's always up to date, without additional costs or the need to involve your IT team.


"We have integrated Bluestone PIM with an Episerver installation for Wilhelmsen Ships Service. Thanks to Bluestone PIM easy to use API interface, the integration process was smooth.

The swagger documentation is easy to understand, and the structure of the solution is very good. We love that everything is JSON because it is easy to manage data on our end."

Viktor Lövgren, IT Project Manager


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Ready-to-use native connector apps

Achieve your sales and marketing goals even faster with a suite of pre-built apps that let you smoothly exchange product data between systems and platforms.


"After having evaluated over 40 different suppliers we believe that Bluestone, with Bluestone PIM and their commerce Apps, is the one most capable of providing the flexibility needed for our product data and business requirements."

Viktor Lövgren, IT Project Manager




Connect your Bluestone PIM product data to Contentstack and take advantage of your PIM data in a world class headless CMS (Content Management System).

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Connect your Bluestone PIM product data to commercetools and take advantage of your PIM data in a world-class headless CMS (Content Management System).

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Improve product information in a Magento 2 webshop with a seamless and automated sync of products, images, catalogs, relations, and attributes.

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Reach new customers by automatically populating your Google Shopping feed with product data from Bluestone PIM. Take full advantage of the Google Merchant Center.

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Build and optimize the search functionality with an Algolia-based app that supports searches in 80 languages. Provide an enhanced user experience for product searches in your web interfaces.

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Automatically register and update your products, including their detailed commercial and technical information, in the NOBB database.

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Even more ready integrations via syndication partners' apps

 Tap into hundreds of sales channels with ready-to-use partner solutions. Master all product-to-consumer information value chains across platforms, channels, and technologies. 

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Connect your product content from Bluestone PIM to Productsup – the world's first P2C platform. Syndicate your data faster to more channels and platforms. Create engaging product experiences.

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Ideatarmac's Datatarmac is a cloud-based headless middleware, which enables, facilitates, and manages the data flow between Shopify and Bluestone PIM. You can manage your data synchronizations right from its Shopify app, or Datatarmac portal or via Datatarmac APIs.

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Syndicate your updated and optimized product information to the leading CMS systems such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Ucommerce, Sitecore, and more.

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Syndicate your updated and optimized product information across multiple marketplaces and digital marketing channels, such as eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Bing, Pinterest, Criteo, and Wish.

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Bluestone PIM VS Manual Data Syndication

Managing data across channels does not have to be difficult and time-consuming!

With Bluestone PIM, you eliminate time-consuming manual tasks by using integrations and automation that make the product syndication process easy, fast, and smooth.

Bluestone PIM product data syndication enables you to: 

  Reduce manual work for your team, e.g. manual data gathering

  Accelerate data onboarding

  Eliminate repetitive data entry in multiple channels

  Manage conveniently product data across sales channels

  Create a single, reliable, shareable source of truth for product data

  Distribute consistently accurate and rich product data

  Activate automated and continuous data feeds

  Benefit from faster time to market

  Increase sales with a superior brand and product experience

With manual syndication of product data, you have:

•  More workload for your team, e.g. manual data gathering

•  Slower data onboarding

•  Repetitive data entry in multiple channels

•  More difficult to manage product data across multiple channels

•  Data scattered across various files, platforms and departments

•  High risk of product data errors and inconsistencies

•  No automated and continuous data feeds

•  Slower time to market

•  High risk of lost sales due to poor brand and product experience

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1 - What is product data syndication?

Product data syndication (PDS), also known as product content syndication, is the continuous feed of product data distributed between parties (retailers, manufacturers, trading partners, and marketplaces) and to all selected channels, data pools, and sales touchpoints.

2 - What does syndication mean in e-commerce?

The e-commerce market is moving very fast. Retailers need to keep up with emerging omnichannel trends and shifting consumer behaviors. "Spreadsheets chaos" and the incorrect or incomplete product data it causes can dramatically impact the customer's product experience and increase the risk of abandoned shopping carts. Therefore, e-commerce companies need to ensure effective syndication of product content across all their sales platforms to deliver up-to-date and enriched high-quality product data.

3 - What is MDM syndication?

Master data management goes far beyond product data. It refers to the core information that is critical to all business processes. The syndication feature of MDM in product information management software enables organizations to manage master data and share its up-to-date version across the enterprise.

4 - What is syndication in PIM?

Product data management software allows you to synchronize product data quickly and smoothly in one place, providing a single source of truth. Automated product data syndication in PIM increases efficiency in adding new product information, facilitates analysis, and speeds time to market.

5 - How to create rich product content?

Rich product content is a crucial factor in providing customers with a complete pre-purchase product experience (PX). To create it, you need several pillars:

1. Product content that engages and educates your website visitors. It includes many formats: meaningful written product descriptions, high-quality images, videos, virtual tours, manuals, and brochures with product details.

2. Content strategy for your website including content audit, content gap analysis and SEO strategy.

3. Detailed developed buyer personas and buyer journey to get to know your visitors better and understand what they are looking for.

4. Technological tools such as product information management software enable collecting, enriching, and syndicating product content in one place.

By following these steps, you can present your products to the right people at the right time. And that's the key to lead generation success.