Definition: Digital Maturity

What is digital maturity?

Digital maturity is an organization's ability to effectively leverage digital technologies to achieve its business goals.

How is digital maturity determined?

To determine a company's digital maturity, an evaluation of the company's digital systems, processes, and culture is done. The evaluation may consider various factors, such as:

  • The company's overall digital strategy
  • The level of integration and automation of digital systems and processes
  • The extent of digital transformation in the organization
  • The adoption of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • The level of digital skills and literacy across the organization
  • The organization's digital culture and mindset
  • The company's ability to leverage data for decision-making and insights
  • The company's customer-centricity and digital customer experience

Using the above factors as an example, a digitally mature organization can be defined as one that has a clear digital strategy aligned with its overall business strategy, a strong technology infrastructure that enables digital innovation, effective data governance and management practices, a skilled workforce with digital competencies, and agile and efficient digital processes.

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