Turn product information into business advantage

  • Launch new products faster
  • Increase digital commerce volume
  • Team up with a reliable technology partner

Today’s customers are as busy as they are savvy. They require high quality, context aware product information that will lead them straight to buying your products.

But rich product information exceeds what can be contained in a sales platform or ERP. And so, it ends up scattered across spreadsheets and local drives. Over the long term, it’s easy to see how this can hurt your business.

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Centralize your product information

Top companies use Product Information Management technology to manage their product content and enjoy high ROI. PIM empowers you to:

  • Make your teams more productive
  • Implement a cohesive omnichannel marketing strategy
  • Speed up time-to-market for new products
  • Eliminate the costs of updating product information manually
  • Create a reliable source of information that supports business decisions
how does it work

5 steps to onboarding new products in Bluestone PIM

A lot has to happen behind the scenes before new products are ready to hit the market. Bluestone PIM makes this process as easy as possible.

Symbols of publishing products

1 -Incoming!

Product data comes from various sources, such as Excel files, ERP or directly from suppliers.

2 -Organize it

Good data structure and validation keep your product data clean.

3 -Set up relations

Implement item-to-item relations, like upsell and cross-sell, to boost your revenue.

4 -Give it extra pop

Your team enriches product content until it's ready.

5 -Go live!

With a push of a button, the right content lands in the right channels.

Bluestone PIM is great for business

  • Connect Bluestone PIM to your existing IT components and watch how everything clicks into place.
  • Bluestone PIM can exchange live product information with your ERP system and e-commerce platform on the fly.
  • Updates are always shipped at no extra cost, and require no IT involvement — it just works!
  • With our regular release schedule and no-downtime updates, you always have the latest technology to support your business goals.
  • Take advantage of the latest PIM technology available as a Software as a Service. Bluestone PIM is built on AWS, the world's most secure cloud platform.
  • It's offered without any additional charges, and it scales right with your business.
  • Bluestone PIM is built on AWS, the world's most secure cloud platform. Our AWS Select Technology Partner status proves that we are cloud experts you can trust.
  • We implement rigorous security measures to ensure all customer data is private.
  • With defined processes and good catalog structure, PIM adds great value to a business. And that's just the start.
  • Got thousands of SKUs? You will get a lot out of managing your product information in Bluestone PIM. Growing to a million? You’ll benefit even more.
  • Bluestone PIM's APIs give you a leg up for the future by opening up integration opportunities with other systems.
  • Bluestone PIM is Software as a Service charged based on usage, without any additional fees. It scales right with your business!
  • Tap into unexplored sales channels and create new revenue streams.
  • Increase your capacity with shorter time-to-market.
  • Our customers have seen dramatic increases in digital business volume.
  • Our team of dedicated PIM professionals have been leaders in e-commerce business technology for over 20 years.
  • Working at the intersection of business and the latest technology, we know exactly what it takes to sell products in high numbers.
Bluestone Really works

Business partners you can trust

Bluestone PIM is a Vendor of Assurance

Ventana Research named Bluestone PIM a Vendor of Assurance in recognition of our capability, customer experience focus, and growing global reach.

The results of the Value Index assessment provide confidence that the overall customer experience of our platformis best-in-class.

Amazon AWS Select Technology Partner

Bluestone PIM is one of the first Product Information Management platforms to become a verified AWS Technology Partner.

We achieved the Select Technology Partner status in recognition of our investment in cloud-native technology, wide customer base,and high growth potential in the SaaS market.

Customers love Bluestone PIM

We evaluated many PIM solutions and selected Bluestone PIM

"We have integrated Bluestone PIM with our content management system Sitecore, and it all works very smoothly. Bluestone has proven to be a solid partner and enabled us to increase our digital business volume dramatically."

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  • Joakim Solem, E-commerce manager

Joakim Solem, E-commerce manager



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