Things You Didn't Know Your PIM Could Do NEW

Things You Didn't Know Your PIM Could Do

Find out what else your PIM system can do to make your work easier (spoiler alert: it's not only about product enrichment).


In 2021, global eCommerce sales were approximately 4.9 trillion US dollars. The market reach is enormous as is the pressure modern retailers face, and it is not easy to stay competitive while meeting customers demands for personalisation, speed, and convenience.

That's where a Product Information Management solution comes in. It can help you to easily manage tons of information, such as product catalogs, product descriptions, and rich media files.

But that's not all it can do! It might come as a surprise, but a quality PIM tool can help make your work so much easier in more than just a few ways other than product enrichment.

To learn more about how PIM can benefit companies in the retail industry, download our Product Information Management in the Retail Space whitepaper!

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