Bluestone PIM Secures Strategic Investment for Next Growth Phase

Tønsberg, Norway, 16 January, 2024 – Bluestone PIM, the MACH pioneer in Product Information Management systems, proudly announces a landmark partnership with Scale Leap Capital (NO) and Narwhal Investments (NL) for its first external investment round. This strategic move becomes a testament to the robust product/market fit Bluestone PIM has achieved over the past year, marking a significant leap from its bootstrap roots in 2016 to a formidable presence in the global PIM landscape.

Ingvild Huseby and Andreas Solberg from Scale Leap Capital issued the following statement:

"We are delighted to have landed our strategic investment into Bluestone PIM and joined the Company as lead investors. Bluestone PIM aligns seamlessly with our investment criteria, representing a well-established entity with its business-critical solutions implemented successfully at major international clients. We are very impressed by what we have learned so far. The technological expertise exhibited by Bluestone PIM is unique and modern, accompanied by robust and innovative plans for the future. Importantly, we have identified a company that places its team and individuals at the heart of every operation and has managed to navigate the company to an excellent position for further growth. We look forward to an exciting journey ahead with Bluestone PIM."

The investment will accelerate international expansion, allowing the company to enter new markets such as the UK, Germany, and the Benelux region and enrich the company with international talent. This investment will also support an expansion of Bluestone's partner network and continuous advancements in research and development, reinforcing Bluestone's position as the preferred composable PIM for innovative enterprises.

Empowering Global Growth

The recent investment fuels Bluestone's mission to extend its reach and capabilities. By leveraging these funds, Bluestone PIM will

  • Expand its footprint in crucial markets across Europe, bringing its cutting-edge solutions to a broader audience.

  • Attract and employ top-tier talent from around the globe, infusing the company with fresh insights and expertise.

  • Grow its partner network, broaden its scope of commerce, and enhance customer support.

  • Commit further to its research and development endeavors, ensuring its technology remains at the forefront of the PIM industry.

Board Additionals

Bluestone AS is pleased to welcome new expertise to its board of directors:

  • Kelly Goetsch, CSO of commercetools and co-founder of the MACH Alliance, will bring a wealth of knowledge in cloud-native technology and business scaling.

  • Auke Van Urk, a Netherlands-based co-investor, former CTO of Valtech,  and co-founder of the MACH Alliance, comes with an impressive background in global expansion within tech segments.

  • Andreas Solberg and Ingvild Huseby from Scale Leap Capital add strategic international tech growth experience and financial acumen to the board.

These new board members are set to enhance Bluestone PIM’s strategic direction, driving growth and innovation in the evolving digital landscape.

Why Bluestone PIM is the Market's Preferred Choice

Bluestone PIM is uniquely positioned due to its commitment to MACH technology, meeting the growing demand for composable strategies in an ever-changing economic climate. As the gateway for adopting composable architecture, Bluestone allows organizations to incorporate best-of-breed applications seamlessly. This commitment to flexibility and scalability is why Bluestone PIM is emerging as the number one choice for enterprises looking to innovate and lead in their markets.

“The forthcoming years are set to witness an accelerated shift towards composable solutions. As the need for high-quality product content in all channels will grow, Bluestone PIM is strategically positioned to handle all the growing needs of large enterprises and is bound to capitalize on this transformative trend.”  – says the new Board member, Auke Van Urk, Narwhal Investments.

About Bluestone AS

Founded in Norway in 2016, Bluestone PIM is at the forefront of the PIM industry, delivering a cloud-native, microservice-based, API-first, and headless PIM solution recognized for its adaptability and comprehensive capabilities. Bluestone's commitment to enabling businesses to manage their product information efficiently makes it a frontrunner in the global PIM market.

With a robust ecosystem of over 500 APIs and a dynamic Marketplace featuring 40+ Apps, Bluestone PIM empowers enterprises like Sainsbury's, St.Gobain, Dolby Technologies, Intersport, and other major international brands to optimize and enhance their commerce platforms for sustained success in the digital age.

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