Saint-Gobain Distribution Norway Case Study


Saint-Gobain Norway

As part of a multinational corporation, Saint-Gobain Distribution Norway, a leading distributor of construction materials, timber, and interiors in Norway, has a complex enterprise structure and operates a vast portfolio of products. 

Until now, the company has faced a host of typical issues that come from multiple product data hubs and the lack of a dedicated portal for suppliers within the PIM solution. 

Learn more about how Saint-Gobain Distribution Norway leverages the Bluestone PIM system to enhance their cooperation with subcontractors and operate smoothly between different parts of the organization to provide high-quality product information. 

Download to find out:

  • How to cooperate with suppliers to enrich product information
  • How PIM empowers teams by eliminating manual work
  • What is composable PIM, and why is it a perfect solution for global enterprises.