Standard SLA

This page describes the SLA conditions covering Bluestone PIM SaaS and Bluestone PIM Standard Apps. Third-party and Customer specific Apps are not covered

Availability and Uptime guarantee

The Bluestone PIM SaaS will have an uptime of more than 99,5 % measured on a monthly basis. If the uptime for any monthly period is lower than this, the Customer will upon request be entitled to SLA compensation as calculated below.

< 99,5% gives 10% compensation of the Monthly Subscription Fee
< 99,0% gives 15% compensation of the Monthly Subscription Fee

The compensation will be deducted from the next calculated invoice.

Calculation of uptime


P: Downtime in connection with scheduled work according to a plan for maintenance of the Product (maintenance window)

D: Operating time in minutes - Total number of minutes in the specified month

N: Downtime in minutes - The time Bluestone PIM SaaS has been unavailable where this is due to circumstances in which Bluestone is liable. This excludes any force majeure events (paragraph 13) or any other circumstances beyond Bluestone's control and any circumstances for which the Customer is liable in whole or in part.


Automated notification routines ensure that errors or potential errors in Bluestone PIM SaaS are reported and corrected according to Error Issue Priority Levels.


Error Issue Priority Levels

The reported issues are categorized into 3 different levels. These are prioritized by Bluestone to ensure that the issue receives a suitable response.

Critical – Critical failure, workarounds have been ineffective and the issue affects an entire Bluestone PIM customer subscription.

High – Critical function failure and workarounds have been ineffective and the issue affects an individual or a few users.

Standard - Individual user, non-urgent issue – There have been problems affecting the efficiency of users.

Response Time

Bluestone does not warrant that errors can be corrected immediately, as in practice there is an infinite number of sources of error and solutions. However, Bluestone will do its best effort to ensure that qualified personnel will be available and may begin to debug and correct the error as soon as possible and according to this table at the latest:

Priority Level Start troubleshooting within*
Critical 2 work hours (CET)
High 8 work hours (CET)
Standard 2 work days (CET)

* after the error situation has been reported to Bluestone Service Desk.

Customers affected by critical errors will receive status incidents reports every hour.


  • Access to Service Desk Portal 24/7
  • Access to Service Desk via email/phone/chat during work hours (CET)
  • Access to 24/7 Service Desk outside of work hours (CET) will be billed according to current hourly rates.
  • Online surveillance of the Bluestone PIM SaaS 24/7/365

Bluestone PIM ordinary work hours are 08:00-16:00 Central European Time (CET)

The Customer may choose to upgrade the SLA level with the following additional SLA level at an additional cost.

Extended Service Level Agreement

  • 24/7 technical support
  • Direct access to technical resources by dedicated email or phone
  • Escalation level direct to support management

Contact details

Email/Portal: /

Chat: available in Bluestone PIM (InApp)

Service Desk can be reached during defined work hours (CET) by phone: +47 969 17 414