Bluestone PIM 2018 Updates Roundup



“Bluestone PIM has evolved greatly in 2018. We introduced major new features like language support and user management with detailed permissions. Together with supporting advanced products like bundles and variants, and handling collaboration with tasks and notifications, Bluestone PIM has a powerful toolbox for managing product information. Our team constantly works on giving you the right tools for the job, making your life easier when enriching product information” (Jan Georg Skuggedal, Head of Engineering at Bluestone PIM)

New features

Do more with Tasks

Tasks are an integral part of any collaborative software. In Bluestone PIM you can set their private/public status, search task descriptions, and edit their title, deadline or assignee. Thanks to the new dashboard widget, you will now see ‘For Me’ tasks immediately after logging in to Bluestone PIM, both pending and done. With longer lists, you can sort by title or due date to quickly find any task. You don’t need to send so many emails, either. You can discuss, get feedback and reply to tasks within PIM. Go back to conversations whenever you want. It will always be there. See? It’s super-easy!

Bluestone PIM 2018 Updates Roundup
Tasks in Bluestone PIM

Create detailed permissions 

With fine-grained permission control, you can choose which products and attributes each user can access, update, publish or delete. It’s a lifesaving feature, especially for larger teams with many different roles and permissions. You can invite your partners and suppliers alike to collaborate on the product data directly in Bluestone PIM. For instance, you can easily add permissions for suppliers and in this way create a supplier portal.

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Different markets require different language versions of product information. Product information can now be multilingual. You can now create those versions with a brand-new feature in Bluestone PIM. Languages allow you to translate the following data: attributes, category-level attributes, attribute groups, relations, labels, catalog names and descriptions, relations. Don’t worry when some data can’t be translated. A default fallback language will be used automatically. With Languages, you’re ready to deliver a relevant product message across different markets.

Bluestone PIM 2018 Updates Roundup
Translations in Bluestone PIM

Add product variants

Products are rarely marketed as individual stand-alone items. Rather, they belong to ranges, collections or lines, with many variants and differences in attributes. Bluestone PIM makes it easier to manage product variants within product groups. Just select products you want to group, click New Variants Group, create a group name, and assign group attributes. At any moment, you can add existing products as more variants or create ones from scratch. A product can be assigned to only one product group. You can easily determine the nature of variant-level attributes. Choose between an inherited, required, locked or variant-defining option.

Bluestone PIM 2018 Updates Roundup
Variant-level attribute types in Bluestone PIM

Bundle up!

Sometimes what you need is more than a single product, or even a variant group. That is why, in Bluestone PIM you can now choose a new product type: Bundle. With just a few clicks, you can combine as many different items as you want in one special offer. On the Products tab, click New product, fill Name and Number, and set Type to Bundle. After selecting the new bundle in the grid, go to the Bundles tab in the product panel. Here you can add relevant products and change their quantities. You don’t have to create each bundle from scratch. Just duplicate one bundle and modify it to create another offer. If you sell bundles across countries, go to the Languages tab and add your translation. Visualize a bundle with images which you can add in the Media tab.  

Bluestone PIM 2018 Updates Roundup
Bundling in Bluestone PIM

Complete support in one place 

Whether you want to contact the Service Desk, dive into the documentation, report a bug or check the release notes, just visit Support Space directly in Bluestone PIM. There you will get all the help you need. The various support functions can be found in the Help Section of Bluestone PIM.

What else was new?

Audit trail on products 

If you don’t want to miss out the changes made to your products while you’ve been away, simply navigate to a product and select the tab with the clock symbol. Here you can find out what changes were made, who made them and when the last update was published. 

Bulk editing of product attributes 

This feature will save you a lot of time! It allows a PIM user to easily select a number of products and then edit one or more attributes at the same time.

Two-dimensional attributes 

We have introduced a new attribute type. This feature allows you to create a new attribute by combining two other attributes. An example of this scenario is when you want to make an attribute combining height and width.

Bulk media download 

Download many files from the mediabank to your computer easily in a zip file. Just perfect when you need to send multiple pictures to your external marketing partners.

Event triggers 

Get automatically pinged by email or Slack whenever product information is changed with no extra effort on your side – Bluestone PIM handles the triggers for you. Please contact us if you would like Bluestone to configure the event triggers for you.

Improved global PIM search 

Save time with a more in-depth Global PIM Search. Just type your search words and the results will highlight what you look for, across names and attributes.

Customized main navigation menu 

Bluestone PIM is now even more convenient. You can personalize the main navigation menu items. Bring the important ones to the top, add new ones or toggle them on and off as you please! To change the order in the main menu, simply drag and drop the menu items to have your preferred ones easily accessible.

EXCEL-lent import with smart column mapping

Bluestone PIM now supports quick import from Excel files with smart mapping of product fields and attributes.

Assign media to category

You can easily assign a featured image to entire product categories directly in Bluestone PIM and display it in your e-commerce platform.



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