How Bluestone PIM Fits in the MACH Architecture


The MACH Alliance is a vendor-neutral non-profit organization supported by leading software companies such as EPAM, Contentstack, Valtech and Commercetools.

The idea behind MACH is pretty simple.

The organization exists to promote the best enterprise technology ecosystem to enable businesses to navigate the modern technology landscape and become more agile in the digital space. The organization’s mission is to educate and help enterprises move to open and connected enterprise technology and finally break the release cycle.

Bluestone PIM joined the MACH Alliance in May 2021. To date, our company is the only MACH-based PIM vendor in the market, providing customers with the technical flexibility they deserve.

From the beginning, Bluestone PIM has built software using modern MACH principles – microservices, API-first, cloud-native, and headless. Discover how Bluestone PIM leverages the MACH architecture to deliver omnichannel solutions for product information management:

When one of the services is updated, the others continue to work. This truly innovative technology helps increase resilience.

Bluestone PIM’s microservices-based architecture allows users to optimise infrastructure costs by assembling solutions for their unique business needs. In addition, it enables them to keep the software up to date while performing their daily tasks without interruption.

Before the age of APIs, designing communication between services was an afterthought at best. Today, it’s all about communication. That’s why it’s so important to make sure all parts of your software can communicate with each other. If they can not, you will fall behind.

When making a true API-first application, you start with designing and developing how the service will communicate with its surroundings before anything else. This is how you ensure that you create a future-proof service.

You may have seen the power of APIs before with Slack, Shopify, or HubSpot. Bluestone PIM also offers flexible technology that allows customers to connect to any software of their choice.

The API-first approach gives you the freedom to choose and develop technologies without much effort. Opting for such solutions means investing in the future.

Being cloud native means that our PIM can utilise new technologies provided in the cloud in a super efficient way. For example, in Bluestone PIM we have added DAM support for AWS Rekognition to automatically tag all images.

Bluestone PIM as a cloud-native SaaS provides customers with robust security, agility and elastic scalability.

Our cloud-native computing approach means that our customers do not have to spend their time and internal resources manually performing updates. We leverage the full power of the cloud, including storage, unlimited scalability, hosting, and automatic updates.

As headless software, Bluestone PIM can be used as an engine to enrich product data and ensure good product quality by simply using APIs.

With the Bluestone PIM solution, customers can follow trends and leverage newer technologies, as the headless approach enables connectivity to other devices and channels.

The Bottom Line

With the aim to free technology, MACH Alliance supports companies with open tech systems that are microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native, and headless.

By leveraging MACH architecture, Bluestone PIM delivers unique business value to its customers. Our innovative technology allows the e-commerce business to remain flexible as it grows. This means that our customers can easily connect their PIM platform to any application they see fit.

We are proud to be part of an alliance that aims to create leading practices and help businesses stay at the forefront of emerging technology trends. Learn more about the MACH Alliance at

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