Definition: Data Validation

What is data validation?

Data validation is the process of ensuring that data is accurate, complete, and consistent with certain criteria or standards.

How is data validation done?

Data validation can be performed manually or using automated tools and software.

Manual data validation involves reviewing the data and checking for errors or inconsistencies manually. Manual data validation involves reviewing data and checking for errors or inconsistencies by hand. However, because this approach is prone to human error and can be time-consuming, it is often limited to small datasets or outliers that require expert knowledge to identify.

Automated data validation uses software to automatically check data against predefined rules and criteria, flagging any errors or inconsistencies for further review. Microsoft Excel is a commonly used tool for basic data validation, with features such as data validation rules, conditional formatting, and error checking functions. For companies that require a specialized data validation solution, there are various software options available such as Talend Open Studio and Datameer.

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