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2018 is coming to an end. At this joyous time of year, we are grateful for our entire Bluestone Blog community. Thank you for the opportunity to write for you and share our knowledge. We appreciate every like, share, comment and download from you, guys!

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In 2018 we shared our knowledge on product information management, omnichannel, e-commerce trends and best practices. Here is a curated list or our favorite articles which we published on our blog in 2018. 

4 Hottest E-commerce Trends in 2018

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Believe it or not, we did not take a look into a glass ball to predict the future of e-commerce. What we did instead in this article is we gathered the most important trends and made predictions for what 2018 would bring. Now that the year is being brought to completion, we can say that the tendencies we mentioned changed the global e-commerce landscape forever.

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Clarity at the Core: PIM and MDM

Clarity at the Core: PIM and MDM

What’s the biggest difference between Product Information Management (PIM) and Master Data Management (MDM)? Why is PIM sometimes called “MDM for business purposes”? In this article, we explained how product information management solutions differ from master data management systems.

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One PIM to Rule them All

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This story focuses on the benefits of having all your product data under control. It’s almost like owning the notorious One Ring from J. R. R. Tolkien’s epic fantasy novel “The Lord of the Rings”. But, as we like to say in our company, it’s not magic – it’s PIM.

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We’re really looking forward to 2019, as we got some really exciting things planned for the Bluestone blog. Major spoilers warning!  There will be even more interesting articles published every month, with PIM experts’ commentaries, interviews, infographics, reports and much more! Stay tuned, subscribe and don’t forget to hit that “Like” button. 

Here’s to Product Information Management!


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