Definition: Composable Commerce

What is composable commerce?

Composable commerce is a new approach to building and managing digital commerce platforms that emphasizes the use of flexible and modular technologies to create a highly customizable and personalized shopping experience.

How composable commerce works in a nutshell

Composable commerce breaks down the traditional monolithic eCommerce platforms into a collection of individual services (referred to as microservices) that can be added or replaced without affecting the rest of the system. Additionally, the modular architecture allows for easier integration with third-party tools and services, as well as the creation of new revenue streams through the sale of individual services.

Through the use of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), these microservices can communicate with each other and with other systems, allowing for more flexibility and agility in creating and updating eCommerce capabilities. Essentially, composable commerce enables businesses to build customized eCommerce solutions by selecting and integrating the specific services they need, rather than being tied to an all-in-one platform,  which can then be composed and configured in various combinations to create unique customer experiences.

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