Supplier Portal

What is a supplier portal?

A supplier portal is an online platform that allows businesses to manage their relationships with suppliers. It is a centralized location where suppliers can access information, communicate with the business, and manage their orders and invoices.

What can be done in a supplier portal?

Some common activities that can be typically performed by suppliers in a supplier portal include:

  • Product Information Management: Update and maintain accurate and up-to-date product information.
  • Product Data Collaboration: Work with retailers to review and validate product information, ensuring it meets the required standards.
  • Order Management: Receive and process purchase orders, track order status, and provide shipment updates.
  • Inventory Management: View inventory levels in real-time, manage stock availability, and coordinate replenishment.
  • Document Sharing: Share and access important documents such as contracts, specifications, and compliance certificates securely.
  • Communication: Engage in real-time communication with the company, addressing inquiries, clarifying requirements, and resolving issues.
  • Performance Evaluation: Access performance metrics and feedback, allowing them to monitor their performance and make necessary improvements.
  • Payment and Invoicing: Submit invoices, track payment status, and review financial transactions.