Definition: Product Information

What is product information?

Product information is the data provided about an item for sale that conveys its key features, specifications, and benefits. This helps buyers understand what the product is as well as how it functions. Also referred to as product data and product content, it serves as a comprehensive source of knowledge about the product and can help educate potential customers on what it is and how it works.

This information can be in the form of a product description, digital assets, pricing information, shipping and return policies, stock availability, customer reviews, and much more.

Companies use various methods to manage product information. One way is to store the data in spreadsheets and handle it manually, although this can become tedious and time-consuming as the amount of data increases. Another approach is to use data management software such as Master Data Management (MDM) or an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to centralize the information. But for scalability and automation, a Product Information Management (PIM) system can streamline the data management, optimization, and syndication processes across different sales and marketing channels.

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